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Village of Romeo, MI

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The Village of Romeo Board of Trustees is accepting proposals for Lawn Maintenance on Village Owned properties, incidental maintenance on privately owned, vacant or abandoned properties for the calendar years of 2022, 2023, and 2024.

The work to be performed would be from May 1st to November 30th, maintained weekly on the same day each week, (Thursday’s) weather permitting. When weather does not permit, lawn will be maintained later the same day or the next day. Work consists of general cutting of grass, edging of walkways and curbs and all clippings to be blown off walks and driveways each service day. Edging to be done bi-weekly to minimize cost.

Properties include:
Village of Romeo Park           N. Rawles and Newberry
Vacant Property                      378 Sisson St. Romeo MI. 48065 (Old DPW Site)
Iron Removal Plant                 270 First St Romeo MI. 48065
Booster Station                       213 Dickenson St Romeo MI. 48065
Alley                                       200 N. Main St Romeo MI. 48065 (north of BP)
Wastewater Treatment Plant 14787 E St Clair Romeo MI. 48065
Romeo DPW                           70350 Powell Rd. Armada Twp. MI
Vacant Property                      128 Church Street Romeo, MI  48065
SW Quadrant                          behind Thee Office Pub
32 Mile and Bailey Street Easement
Parking Lot                             32 Mile and Bailey Street
Garden and Bed Maintenance along with Spring or Fall clean-up on Village properties.

Incidental work may include, but not be limited to – cutting of grass, edging, and all clippings blown off walks and driveways, per request of the Village Clerk’s Office, for properties that have been vacated or abandoned, and left unattended. Additionally, in winter weather, clearing snow and/or ice off public sidewalks from properties left unattended, may be requested by the Village Clerk’s Office.

Additionally, proposals for cemetery lawn maintenance will be accepted, also.  The proposal would be for lawn cutting and maintenance of the Village Cemetery.  Work performed to include lawn cutting on a weekly basis, edging and weeding or roads, tombstones and monuments on a bi-weekly basis.  Spring and Fall clean-up of the cemetery.  Work to begin and end during the same time frame previously listed.

All proposals must include a current Certificate of Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance and if awarded, provide a Liability Insurance with the Village of Romeo named as additional insured, minimum $1,000,000.00 each occurrence/ $2,000,000.00 general aggregate, Workers Compensation and Business Auto Insurance to be maintained for duration of work.

All proposals due to Kathryn Trapp, Romeo Village Clerk, 121 W St. Clair Romeo MI. 48065, by 12:00pm (noon) Thursday May 12, 2022, and will be reviewed by the Village of Romeo Board of Trustees at their Regular Scheduled Meeting held Monday May 16, 2022. The Village of Romeo Board of Trustees reserve the right to accept or reject any or all proposals. This request for proposals does not constitute an offer to enter into a contract. The submission of a proposal or proposals does not require the Village of Romeo to take any action regarding a proposal submitted.

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